Clifton, KS Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

Every good and service delivered in Clifton, KS requires a truck.

Commercial VehicleAccident Attorney

Clifton, KS Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Clifton, KS Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

Every good and service delivered in Clifton, KS requires a truck. And while their livelihood depends upon a good safety record, truck drivers work long shifts and face pressure to meet deadlines. Unfortunately too many Clifton, KS motorists and pedestrians pay the price for those long shifts and delivery pressures.

Pyle Law advocates for people who were seriously or permanently injured in commercial vehicle accidents. We will fight to hold transportation companies, corporate fleet owners, local businesses, utility companies or municipalities accountable for the devastating aftermath that commercial vehicle accidents cause to the lives of our clients.

We handle commercial truck accidents throughout Clifton, KS, including Clifton, Hutchinson, Wichita, Salina and surrounding cities and counties Contact us for a free consultation.

Clifton, KS Delivery Truck and Van Accidents

Large trucks pose a great danger to other motorists because of their size and their inability to navigate the roads like automobiles. In many situations, the height, width and massive cargo create dangers that mandate commercial vehicles be subject to specific regulation by the federal government and the Clifton, KS Department of Transportation (KDOT).

Pyle Law has a 20-year record of verdicts and settlements in personal injury litigation, including many commercial truck accident cases. We have the resources to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation to prove negligence of the owners of commercial vehicles such as:

  1. Freight trucks
  2. Tractor-trailers
  3. Package delivery trucks (UPS, FedEx)
  4. Sanitation trucks
  5. Construction vehicles
  6. Service trucks and vans
  7. Maintenance and utility vehicles
  8. Private buses and shuttles
  9. Delivery cars and courier vans

Commercial drivers are often hurrying to make deliveries or get to the next job. This leads to speeding, weaving through traffic, tailgating, pulling out into traffic, backing up without caution and other unsafe traffic maneuvers. Truck drivers who are fatigued from long hours are less attentive and slower to react, even drowsy at the wheel.

Commercial vehicle accidents may also result from violations of KDOT regulations regarding weight restrictions, hazardous cargo or the condition of brakes, tires, lights, trailers, mirrors or backup warning bells. Our attorneys know what evidence to seek, including the truck’s maintenance records, the driver’s logs, and the driver’s training, licensure, driving history and criminal record.

Full Compensation For Major Injuries

The Clifton, KS Commercial Truck Accident Attorney at Pyle Law handles severe and catastrophic injury cases. Our trial lawyers have the experience and commitment to take on corporations and insurance companies to get full value for the serious or permanent harm that occurs when passenger cars or pedestrians are hit by large trucks.

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